Ziedo Latvijas Mākslinieku savienībai


The Exhibition of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian Artists’ Associations


Dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Baltic Way


On September 2, 2014, at the Lithuanian Artists Association Gallery “Arka“ in Vilnius the joint exhibition of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia “KELIAS / CEĻŠ / KETT”, dedicated to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Baltic Way is being opened. The exhibition is an important event both to Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian artists.


On the occasion of the exhibition opening the presidents of Artists Associations from all three Baltic countries – Vano Allsalu from Estonia, Igors Dobičins from Latvia and Edita Utarienā— from Lithuania - will gather after the long break in Vilnius. They will discuss the situation of Artists Associations in their countries, the perspectives of further mutual relations and will sign the AGREEMENT OF CREATIVE COOPERATION AND PARTNERSHIP. It‘s remarkable that the idea of gathering the Artists‘ Associations of Baltic countries in to unified project “KELIAS / CEĻŠ / KETT” was born after mutual participation in Moscow Art Salon, organised by International Confederation of Artists‘ Unions.


The aim of the exhibition “KELIAS / CEĻŠ / KETT” - is to commemorate the Baltic Way - important fact for our countries history, to highlight the unity of our countries, the aspiration for the independence, to consolidate the Baltic artists in one project, to reflect the controversial situation of today’s world, to compare the tendencies in contemporary modern art in all three Baltic countries, to share the artistic ideas. The artists from different spheres were invited to take part at the project. The presented works were reflecting the ideas and thematic of Baltic Way: freedom, independency, statehood, neighbourhood, Baltic identity, as well as the concept of the ROAD in the literally and figuratively meanings – development, moving forward (or may be backward?), the road of human life, the artistic expression of today’s topicalities.


The collection of The Estonian Artists Association (curator Inga Heamägi) and the Artists' Union of Latvia (curators Igors Dobičins, Inese Baranovska) are presented at the exhibition. The largest part of the exhibition is being composed from the works of Lithuanian artists by the initiator of the project – LAA Gallery ARKA (curator Dovilā— Tomkutā—-Veleckienā—). The delegations from all three AA, including the Presidents, will participate at the press conference and the opening of the exhibition.


In October the exhibition will be moved to Riga, to the Gallery of AUL, later on exhibition will travel to Estonia - Pärnu Museum and the National Library of Estonia.


The exhibition is being followed by the essential catalogue.




The organiser:

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Gallery ARKA


The Lithuanian Artists’ Association

The Artists' Union of Latvia

The Estonian Artists‘ Association

The Gallery of Artists’ Union of Latvia

Pärnu Museum

The National Library of Estonia


Sponsors: The Culture Council of the Republic of Lithuania, The Embassies of Baltic Countries, Libra Vitalis, printing-house Petro Ofsetas, hotel Europa City Vilnius, newspaper Respublika, etc.


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Gallery ARKA,

Aušros Vartų str. 7,

Vilnius LT-011304, Lithuania