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Jurmala Artists' Group

Jurmala Artists Group

Jurmala Artists' Group was founded in 1977 as a branch of the Latvian Artists' Union to unite 50 professional artists living and/or working in the town of Jurmala.
Aims of Jurmala Artists' Group are to support creative process, to insure accessibility to all kinds of art as well as to support international collaboration.
Practical tasks of Jurmala Artists' Group are to arrange art exhibitions in the town of Jurmala, to participate in art events arranged by the town as well as to act as tutorial body for institutions located in the municipality.
Cooperation partners: Jurmala Town Council, Bulduri Culture House, Jurmala Local Museum, Talsi Artists' Group.

For further information please contact:

Jurmala Branch of the Latvian Artists' Union
Muižas iela 6,
Bulduri, Jurmala, LV - 2010

Chairman: Andrejs Ģērmanis
tel. +3719712641

Secretary: Astra Krūmiņa
tel. +3717761910, +3717735610