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Center for Stone Sculpture Gaujasiela

Center for Stone Sculpture Gaujasiela (Gauja Street) is a structure of the Latvian Artists’ Union and an association uniting professional sculptors. It was founded in 2002. Members of the organization are professional artists and art scientists living in Latvia and abroad. In the Center for Stone Sculpture Gaujasiela artists work in inside (a hangar) as well as outdoor stonecutter workshops. Art works are exhibited in the outdoor Sculpture Garden of the Latvian Artists’ Union. The organization is open to all individuals who have shown interest and is ready to support its aims and objectives and acknowledges its bylaws and working methods.


- to encourage the development of sculpture in Latvia as well as to assist in the development of a technical base, which will be open for different events and audiences

- to develop a foundation for organization of local and international sculpture symposiums in Riga

- to develop a many-sided art and culture centre in the Northern area of Riga City


In 2001 the development of the technical base was started. In 2003 the tradition of the annual Stone Sculpture Competition of the Latvian Artists Union was started. The winner of the first competition was Ivars Drulle whose sculpture will be exhibited in the Sculpture Garden in 2004. The works of the annual Art Day Symposiums are exhibited in the Sculpture Garden, too.


Special Purpose Programme of the Culture Capital Foundation “For Development of Technical Bases in Visual Arts�, 2001,2002 Financing from tenders of the Culture Board of Riga City Special purpose donations of SIA “INPAP� For further information please contact:

The Center for Stone Sculpture GAUJASIELA
Gaujas iela 1
LV - 1026 Riga
Director: Baiba Guste
e-mail: +3716405390

Leader of the Special Purpose Programme for Development of the Technical Base:
Igors Dobičins +3719177170